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Slido Q&A

Keynote address by Viktor Shvets, a global strategist at Macquarie Bank who has been recognised as one of the more innovative global market strategists, working on the intersection between finance, technology, politics, and history.

Viktor will open the Capital Markets Forum to unpack the global economic and geopolitical outlook and the implications for global real estate.

Wholesale equity flows, what is the investor appetite? Where is the focus and opportunity set?

What sectors are attracting capital and where are opportunities starting to emerge? Where does the future of office fit into this capital allocation equation?

This session will concentrate on where Australia currently sits within the economic cycle with reference to past cycles and implications for the real estate sector.  

Keynote & fireside chat with former reserve banker, Dr Guy Debelle, will also explore the implications and economics of the green finance transition for Australia. 

There is always a deal of a lifetime no matter what the cycle.

Navigating challenging investment environments within real estatehow are we positioned relative to past cycles?

Andrew Pridham AO will delve into real estate opportunities in the current economic environment with a lens on how these opportunities have evolved from past cycles. 

As the Australian dream evolves, what are the new opportunities and challenges for the consumer, fund manager, investor and developer?

Until assets are repriced, what is the disconnect between global valuations and unlisted and listed pricing?

Equity Valuations, what is the disconnect?

What are the trending issues around access to finance from a debt and equity perspective?

How is Australia shaping up versus other markets and where are the opportunities?

How appealing is Australia to global capital or vice versa?

Access to capital in a challenging interest rate environment – where are the opportunities in debt?

How does Australia stack up in the global arena and where are the opportunities in the current macroeconomic environment?

Join Moya Dodd AO, former Matildas vice-captain, lawyer and equality advocate – as she reflects on her journey from the national team to the boardroom, and the spectacular success of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.